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Chris Leek

Saturday 7th September 14.00 - 15.30

About:  Chris Leek

A Mensan since 1978, Chris has represented the society at National and International level and, as spokesman, to National Press, TV and Radio. A member of the British Mensa board, roles have included International Chairman 2003-2007, British Mensa Chairman (8 yrs), and UK Representative on the International Board since 1998.

Graduating from UCW Aberystwyth, Chris trained as a marine biologist before moving into computing. After some years as an Analyst/Programmer for Whitbreads, the brewers, he moved on to work for BT in a range of capacities including setting up a Rapid Development Environment at BT’s Martlesham Labs, drawing up the Operational Systems Design for a successful contract bid worth several hundred million pounds, and working as Lead Designer on a number of BT’s flagship projects.

Interests include a lifelong love of Science Fiction, Scuba Diving, Bridge, Photography, renovating his 500 year old farmhouse, looking after a small herd of Alpaca, Horses, a Maine Coon and a German Shepherd, and spending time with his family. Chris met his wife, Kirsty, at an Irish Mensa gathering 37 years ago – for which he is forever grateful to the society. His two sons and daughter are all Mensa members, giving him plenty of first-hand experience of gifted youngsters. His major interest of course (apart from Kirsty!) is Mensa.

About the talk:

Technological advances are rapidly changing how we do business, how we earn a living, how we communicate, and impacting on pretty much every aspect of society. I will be looking at some of the implications of this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and asking how well prepared we are to embrace it – given the changing skills required not just by youngsters at school but also those currently in work, as well as those who have retired.  


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