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CHERNOBYL: the anatomy of a disaster – Pat Dean


CHERNOBYL: the anatomy of a disaster – Pat Dean

Saturday 29th March, 10:00-11:00

In April 1986, an explosion occurred at an obscure, remote power station deep in the heart of the Soviet Union. Before it happened very few had ever heard of it: a few weeks later the whole world knew about it. Chernobyl: a disaster so appalling, so wide-reaching, it killed thousands – perhaps millions – of people. It is still killing people ...
But what – exactly – happened? How could something so awful – so unthinkable – be allowed to happen? The answer is almost as appalling as the event– and it brought down the Soviet Union itself.

The disaster had been inevitable. Whether at Chernobyl or elsewhere, it would have happened. And it could have been so much worse. What caused it? The Soviet Union.

This will not just be a horror story – although it certainly is that – nor a political critique – although it deserves to be one. Instead, I simply want to make you think. How do we stop it happening again?