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Animal liberation – Graham Kyle


Animal liberation – Graham Kyle

Saturday 28th March, 11:15-12:15

The 80s saw an increase in activism by the Animal Liberation Front: against hunting, the use of animals in research, the farming of mink for their pelts, and the wearing of fur. Some protests turned violent, not always spontaneously. Some activities proved counter-productive: mink released into the wild were not generally regarded as a welcome addition, either to or by, the local wildlife.

Destruction caused by the mink led to re-activation of Otter Hound packs in an attempt to control them.

Like many other groups prepared to use force pursuing their agenda, a philosophical basis for their view was claimed ... although that underlying rationale will often preclude violence. Peter Singer's book Animal Liberation was oft quoted. His arguments will be presented, as well as the sometimes-violent reactions to other conclusions reached from logical extension of his views on the rights of animals.