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Trevor Llanwarne




Trevor Llanwarne

Government Actuary


Current – “Government Actuary” which means the formal technical/professional role combined with the roles of Accounting Officer/Chief Executive/Chairman for a 170-strong Non-Ministerial Department. The role makes me a Senior Civil Servant.

As with most actuaries, nearly all my work has been in the fields of pensions and insurance. This was in private sector until 2008 and since then has related almost exclusively to State pensions, public sector pensions and “risk in Government”. I am currently the actuary for Civil Service pensions, teachers, NHS, armed forces, police, fire, judges etc as well as giving formal opinions on State pensions and the National Insurance fund every five years.

Trevor's talk will include the following

  • What is an actuary
  • Role of Government Actuary and work done in Government Actuary’s Department (GAD)
  • Specific topical issues of interest:

    • State Pensions and the results of the latest review which will have been published by the time of your conference
    • Public sector pensions
    • Big risks in Government (such as pandemics)
  • Optional extra items on demand (and if at the time I feel I can say something of relevance):

    • Occupational pensions and personal savings
    • Long-term care
  • Future role of actuaries


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