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Puzzle Competitions

December 2015

Enter this month’s competition for a chance to win a set of Mensa branded Brain Bogglers wooden puzzles. A must for anyone who enjoys testing their logical thought process to the limit! For a chance of winning, submit your answer to the following question.

On each row place a four letter word that goes after the word to the left and before the word to the right (i.e. SECOND – HAND – SHAKE). When completed the initial letters of the added words will give another word reading downwards. What is it?

CLIFF  _ _ _ _  CLOTH
PONY _ _ _ _  GATE
STEAM _ _ _ _ WARE
SEA _ _ _ _ POINT
FOR _ _ _ _ GREEN

Please submit your entry here

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This competition closed on: 31 Dec 2015
01 Jan 2016
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Festive. The added words are FACE, EVEN, SAND, TAIL, IRON, VIEW and EVER.