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Professor John Cubbin




Professor John Cubbin

Competitions Commission


Professor John Cubbin is Emeritus Professor of Economics at City University in London. He was head of economics and director of the Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy at City, where he founded one of the first Masters degrees in the economics and law of regulation and competition. He was previously: an Associate Director with National Economic Research Associates (NERA); Professor of Economics at UMIST; visiting Senior Research Fellow at London Business School; Reader in Economics at Queen Mary University of London; and a Lecturer in Economics at Warwick University.

He has always been interested in the economics and practice of competition. His research topics include: competition and quality in the UK car industry; the consequences of merger for efficiency and directors’ pay; oligopoly and collusion; the control of corporations; measuring performance in schools, prisons, and building societies; and the effect of regulation on electricity investment in developing countries.

As a member of the Competition Commission 2005-2013 he was involved in a market investigation into payment protection insurance (PPI), several regulatory appeals in the telecoms sector and various mergers including the first reference to the CC of a merger between NHS hospital trusts. 

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