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Francesca receives her commemorative paperweight from board member Ian Fergus   Leading barrister...
25 Jun 2015
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson When Mensa Matthew Gibson decided he wanted to shake up the General Election, he...
22 Jun 2015
John Foster
Mensan John Foster wasn’t the highest achiever at school – but his non-academic interests and...
03 Jun 2015
Dorothy Gennee
Congratulations to Mensa member Dorothy Gunnee, who has received her MBE from Prince Charles in an...
22 May 2015
Christa Hugo at the BBC
Musical Mensan Christa Hugo spends her days in the serene world of classical music and ballet – but...
12 May 2015
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Are you curious about your IQ? Have a go at the Mensa-style IQ quiz featured by MailOnline to see...
08 Apr 2015
Vogue Williams
Pictured: Back: Ben Kleppmann, David Power, Rupesh Mahandru; front: Mabel Gargan, Kirsten...
26 Mar 2015
Stanford logo
Exceptional young mathematicians are invited to apply for a place on an exciting summer school...
20 Mar 2015
Scarlett Morine
Rising swimming star Scarlett Morine is starting to make a splash in the pool, but she has no...
18 Mar 2015
Ramarni and Anthea
Young Mensa member Ramarni Wilfred took centre stage on the BBC primetime programme The One Show...
11 Mar 2015