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Test your brain against Mensa's finest!

Thu, 05/10/2017
The Mensa Quiz Book 2017

Ever wondered what it takes to become Brain of Mensa? Well now you can find out, as some of the toughest questions from the annual brain-busting competition have been collected together in a book for the first time.

The Mensa Quiz Book sorts the illustrated questions into easily-navigable sections - and, of course, the answers are included!

Every year, Mensa hosts the Brain of Mensa competition, a gruelling knockout to root out the smartest quizzers in the country.

Many enter, but only one remains standing to claim the prestigious title. The Mensa Quiz Book brings together questions from the past 20 years of quizzing, for the first time giving the general public the chance to work through more than 1,500 head-scratching, perplexing puzzles, questions and logic challenges.

Find out if you have what it takes - and maybe next year you will be competing to become the next 'Brain of Mensa'.

The book, which is published by Carlton and costs £12.99, is on sale through Amazon and other good book retailers.