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Puzzling stocking fillers

Fri, 12/12/2014

Looking for a last-minute stocking filler for someone who likes to exercise their brain cells?

The Mensa range of puzzles are clever products that will tax your grey matter even after the tinsel and the turkey have long since disappeared for another year.

The range, which is now in its eighth year, can be bought in-store and online from a number of top High Street retailers. Click on the store links for availability.


Calendar Challenger, Tube Teasers, Metal Bottle Baffler, Authentic Mensa Test, Japanese Puzzle Box, Block Out

John Lewis

Pocket Puzzles-Metal, Pocket Puzzles-Wooden, Six of the Best Puzzles


Calendar Challenger, Matchbox Mind Games, Six of the Best Puzzles, Authentic Mensa Test, Block Out, Mensa Genius Key Fob, Noughts & Crosses


Mensa Genius Key Fob

TK Maxx

Six of the Best Puzzles, Authentic Mensa Test


Calendar Challenger 6 of the best Block Out
Brain Bogglers Japanese Puzzle Box Key Fob
Authentic Mensa Test Metal Bottle Baffler 3D Noughts & Crosses
Metal Pocket Puzzles Wooden Pocket Puzzles Tube Teasers