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Money, money, money at Mensa at Cambridge

Fri, 22/08/2014
Mensa at Cambridge delegates

Money makes the world go round . . . and it makes for the hot topic of the 33rd International Mensa at Cambridge conference taking place this weekend.

About 60 delegates are in the beautiful surroundings of Trinity College to hear from nine speakers looking at the theme of Lucre from very different perspectives.

The expert speakers include government actuary Trevor Llanwarne, money and innovation expert Kasper Pagh Rasmussen, Dr Kevin Clancy, director of the Royal Mint Museum, Father Ed Elsey, who will talk about Faith and the Economy, Tim Pike, deputy agent of the Bank of England, Richard Bach, assistant director of Cyber Security, Peter Elstin, group financial controller of Barclays plc, Justin Walker, who will talk about The Bradbury Pound, and Professor John Cubbin, of the Competition Commission 

Over the next three days the delegates will be informed and entertained, as well as having lots of time to explore the many fantastic museums, art galleries, architecture and historic college buildings which Cambridge has to offer.

Trinity College is in the centre of Cambridge. It was founded by Henry VIII in 1546 as part of the University of Cambridge and is now home to about 600 undergraduates, 300 graduates, and more than 160 fellows.

Princes, spies, poets and prime ministers have all studied there and thousands of visitors flock through its famous great gate each year to take a first-hand view of the 400 year old buildings.