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Mind, Body and Soul explored at arts and science day

Tue, 21/06/2016
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More than 90 Mensa members and guests enjoyed talks on high IQ and human genetics at the latest arts and science day in London.

The impressive Wellcome Collection building was the venue for Mind, Body and Soul, which included talks from Mensa member Sonja Falck and broadcaster Dr Kat Arney.

Sonja used videos and real-time interactive polls in her presentation about high IQ and how it affects those that have it. There was a lot of recognition amongst members when she described the recurring traits of those in the higher IQ percentiles, and a lot of interest in her real-life examples of how those traits can affect daily life and work.

Dr Arney then gave a very informative presentation about DNA and how small “switches” can make a big difference. We all have exactly the same amount of DNA, but these switches determine hair colour, height, skin colour and any number of other variables.

  • Sonja Falck is a consultant and coach with Equipped Consulting. For more information about her work, click here
  • Dr Kat Arney is a writer, broadcaster and speaker and co-presents BBC Radio 5 Live’s weekly science show and has received enthusiastic reports for her book, Herding Hemingway’s Cats. For more information, click here