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Mensa Gifts - On Sale This Season

Fri, 06/12/2013
Mensa Gifts - Available at selected retailers

The Mensa Best in Test product gift range is now back on sale and available from your local high street and online stores. Our retail partners this season include House of Fraser, John Lewis,, Next, Sainsbury’s, TK Maxx, Waterstones and Waitrose.

Roll your mouse over a product to find out where you can purchase the gift. Warning – Don't leave it too long, we know by past experience our Best in Test gift range is very popular and will sell out fast!


Pocket sized wooden puzzles to test your logical thought processes to the limit!

 A puzzle a day starts your brain for the day! A 365 page-a-day calendar with unique brainteaser puzzle questions developed by Mensa on each and every day.

A million Sudoku puzzles against the clock! And if a million games is not enough, input and play games from a newspaper, magazine or puzzle book.

Pocket sized metal puzzles to test your logical thought processes to the limit!

Show the world how intelligent you are with this genius mug! Just add hot water and reveal the statement.

Three classic wooden puzzles, a must for anyone who enjoys testing their thought process to the limit!

Can you score 'excellent' for all 9 games on the Brain Trainer? Keep your brain active and younger for longer!

Six of the best wooden and metal puzzles each with a varying difficulty rating so there is a puzzle for everyone!

The perfect teaser that makes you earn your drink! Simply add your favourite bottle to the Bottle Baffler for the perfect teasing gift!

Classic wooden and metal puzzles in a tube - the Tube Teaser is an ideal stocking filler!

Innovative 3D Money Box. A super combination of a challenging 96 piece puzzle and an intriguing bank.

Adds a whole new dimension to the original noughts and crosses game! A super table top game for all the family.