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Inspiring young members as they choose their future path…

Mon, 05/08/2013
Young Mensans

Our second annual Young Mensans Future Paths conference took place at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford on Saturday 27 July 2013. Yet again it was a sell out with young members and their families travelling from across the British Isles to discover more about Higher Education.


Four top speakers gave their thoughts on potential career options and tips on how to succeed in your chosen field. TV personality Johnny Ball was on hand to demonstrate the importance of science and mathematics. Dr Dalia Nield and Emma Banks spoke on their backgrounds and what it is like to be at the top of their profession in plastic surgery and law respectively. Plus last year’s most popular speaker David McQueen provided a humorous and inspirational look at choosing your future path.


Photographs of the day can be found in the Galleries – Young Mensans Future Paths 2013. (Members-Only)


Keep an eye out in spring 2014 for details of next year’s conference.