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Do you work with super-bright colleagues, in a company brimming with smart talent and intelligent...
23 Feb 2018
Sebastian Carrington
A talented young Mensan has become the youngest singer in the world to achieve a top qualification...
23 Feb 2018
Conference Mikael Kristenson Unsplash
The Future Leaders Network is seeking talented young people to represent the UK at the 2018 Y7 and...
20 Feb 2018
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Having a high IQ can bring many positive benefits – it is the strongest indicator of academic...
13 Feb 2018
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A national casting company is looking for a very bright young boy for the lead role in a new film....
11 Jan 2018
Child Genius logo
Do you know a child who is fascinated by fossils, besotted by barometers or curious about...
07 Dec 2017
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Mensan Brian Ashby has won an award at the Chinese American Film Festival for his first film....
13 Nov 2017
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Time travel, the existence of alien life forms and the study of outer space were the hot topics at...
13 Nov 2017
The Mensa Quiz Book 2017
Ever wondered what it takes to become Brain of Mensa? Well now you can find out, as some of the...
05 Oct 2017
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  Congratulations to 12 year old Rahul, from Barnet, who has won this years Child Genius. We also...
21 Aug 2017