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A merry Christmas and happy new year from everyone at British Mensa! The office will be closed over...
23 Dec 2016
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Activity workshops for children and training seminars for teachers are again on offer as part of...
14 Nov 2016
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Do you have an exceptionally high IQ? Are you interested in the neuroscience behind intelligence?...
11 Nov 2016
Potential Plus UK
Our friends at Potential Plus UK are bidding for an Aviva Community Fund award to help towards an...
10 Nov 2016
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Blast! Films are making a series for the BBC about children aged 12-14, who are eligible for free...
04 Nov 2016
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Mensa archivist Ian Fergus was on the BBC WOrld Service's Witness programme this morning, talking...
03 Oct 2016
Marji and Derek Sellar
Derek and Marjie Sellar at the Glasgow AG in 2014 He won’t exactly be walking 500 miles, but Mensa’...
30 Sep 2016
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Mensa’s longest-serving member of staff is preparing to say farewell to the society - an...
28 Sep 2016
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Anniversary celebrations for the world’s oldest high IQ society have been given an official “stamp...
28 Sep 2016
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The success of Britain’s swimmers and divers at the Olympic Games in Rio has left one high-flying...
22 Aug 2016