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When booking to attend a Mensa IQ Test Session you will also have the opportunity to complete a Type Dynamic Indicator (TDI) assessment and receive your Personality Profile for free.

Simply book to attend a Mensa IQ test session where you will discover your official IQ score and you will receive a unique code enabling you to complete the personality indicator online in your own time.

Once you have completed the personality indicator, your results are e-mailed directly back to you.

25 May 2013


British Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant Lyn Kendall

The new series of Channel 4’s Child Genius will hit our television screens on Tuesday 11 June at 9pm. This 4-part documentary series follows the lives of some of the country’s cleverest children and their families. Earlier this year, twenty one highly gifted children aged 7 to 11 were selected to take part in a competition run to find the UK’s Child Genius.

11 Jun 2013


The Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw today (13 June) announced that he believed that there was a failure by state schools to nurture their brightest pupils. Ofsted has suggested that schools place more of an emphasis on developing their brightest pupils.

John Stevenage, Chief Executive of British Mensa said ‘at Mensa we would support any initiative that gives better assistance to bright children. Gifted children should be provided with the appropriate resources to learn and achieve their potential.

13 Jun 2013


Shrindhi Prakash Child Genius

Last night (Tuesday 2 July) Shrinidhi Prakash became the winner of Channel 4’s Child Genius. She took part in four rounds of competition which included logic, mathematics, spelling and debating.

Aged 11 Shrinidhi is a fan of Countdown and the World Under-12 Scrabble Champion. She currently lives in Orpington, Kent and enjoys writing novels in her spare time and attends an after-school creative writing group. She describes herself as ‘bookworm, Artemis Fowl fan, word fanatic, professional scrabble player, writer and poet.'

03 Jul 2013


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You are not authorised to access this page.

Potential Plus logo

After 46 years, The National Association for Children, the child and family support charity, changed its name yesterday (4 February 2013) to Potential Plus UK.

At its formal launch, held at Reed Smith in the City of London, Denise Yates, Chief Executive of the newly named organisation said:

04 Feb 2013


Two young brothers joined Mensa after their college’s Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator suggested they take an IQ test. Thomas and Edward Frodsham were accepted into Mensa after scoring in the top two percent of an IQ test they took at Mensa Test Session in Cambridge. The full story can be read in Cambridge News here.

25 May 2012


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