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Child Genius is back! Do you know an extraordinary child?

Fri, 27/09/2013
Child Genius

Production company Wall to Wall is once again searching for the country’s brightest young minds to take part (with their families) in a documentary series to be shown on Channel 4. The series will feature competition rounds devised in association with British Mensa and other leading children’s education experts, along with documentary filming that explores the joys and challenges of parenting a gifted child, approaches to education and what it means to be a high-achieving child in Britain today.

If your 5-12 year old would like to compete for the much-coveted title of Child Genius, then Wall to Wall would love to hear from you! Note: children must be born between 01/09/01 and 31/08/08

Apply online and unlock the 10 mind boggling Brainbusters for your child to try at