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Child Genius is back!

Mon, 09/11/2015
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The programme that puts extraordinary children in the spotlight is now looking for children aged 8-12 (and their families) to take part in the fourth series. 

Initial applications are open but there is no commitment to take part at this stage, until families feel fully informed and happy to proceed. There will be a series of conversations with all parents across the selection process.

Wall to Wall Media, the production company behind award-winning programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC One) Long Lost Family (ITV) and three previous series of Child Genius (Channel 4), is once again looking for children and their families to take part in the hit documentary and competition series devised in association with British Mensa. 

Last year’s winner, Mensa member Thomas Frith from Leeds, wowed viewers with his insatiable appetite for learning as well as his sunny and positive outlook on life.

The new series will consist of four rounds to be filmed in February 2016 (with a grand final at the end of April 2016). As well as telling the story of the competition, the series will aim to explore the lives of the children featured and their families – how they handle day-to-day life as and with a gifted child. 

The producers will spend time filming with children and families at home in the weeks prior to the competition, in between rounds at the competition venue and in the lead up to the grand final. Each episode will feature a number of the children who took part in the competition and will chart their progress as they strive to make it all the way to the final.

Child Genius offers parents the chance to bring their children together with like-minded peers.  2015 finalist Jasamrit’s dad said: "It was a special moment for the whole family as it not only made Jasamrit a more focused and resourceful 10 year old, he has made some great new friends!”

Jack’s mum Clare said: “It was amazing to see Jack thrive, to relish the competition and the chance to show his talents, and to see him have fun with other kids he had lots in common with. We were all so well looked after by the crew, and the parents supported each other too. I'd do it all again...”

Finalist Sasha’s mum said: It was lovely to see the children making friends and having fun between the rounds. We had such fun being a part of it and has left us with some lovely memories of when Sasha was 12.

Winner Thomas, a Mensa member, said: “Child Genius is fun, exciting and was, frankly, the best opportunity I've had in my life so far. I got to meet like-minded people and there was a sense of camaraderie with the other competitors. My advice is simple. Do it!!!”

To take part, children need to have been born between September 1 2003 and August 31 2007 inclusive. The closing date for applications is midnight on January 15, 2016.

For full details and to apply, click here

For more details please contact Wall to Wall via or call 020 7241 9225.