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A national casting company is looking for a very bright young boy for the lead role in a new film.

No acting experience is required for the the part, which is for a boy aged 11-13. The film is a comedy drama about a young child during the Second World War.

Des Hamilton Casting, which is leading the search, specialises in discovering new talent and has found stars for productions such as the BBC series Gunpowder the Netflix original film War Machine, starring Brad Pitt.

11 Jan 2018


Child Genius logo

Do you know a child who is fascinated by fossils, besotted by barometers or curious about calligraphy?

The search is on for remarkable youngsters to take part in the next series of Channel 4's hit series Child Genius. Some of the country's smartest eight to 12-year-olds will battle it out through tough rounds of spelling, mental arithmetic, memory and verbal reasoning in a bid to claim the title.

07 Dec 2017


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Does your 10-14 year old have great knowledge or expertise in a particular subject? Or maybe you know a child who enjoys the arts, science, inventing, writing, researching or debating . . .

The producers of a potential new television show are also looking for children who are well-read, inquisitive and able to form their own opinions on life’s big questions.

09 May 2017


Johnny Ball - Inspire17

Television presenter and self-confessed maths nut Johnny Ball will join a host of top speakers for Inspire17, a whole day of fun and inspiration for bright sparks and their families.

Johnny, whose zany madcap style has been inspiring young mathematicians and scientists for more than 50 years, will be bringing his unique interactive show to Birmingham on June 3 for a joint collaboration between British Mensa, Potential Plus UK and GT Voice.

25 Apr 2017


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Blast! Films are making a series for the BBC about children aged 12-14, who are eligible for free school meals and are highly academically able.

Any young person who qualifies for Mensa would most certainly qualify on the academic front!

The idea of the series is to follow these children's progress over the next three years, to see what opportunities and challenges face them.

04 Nov 2016


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Gifted child consultant Lyn Kendall

Bringing up a gifted child is exciting but it’s rarely easy. And the children themselves can struggle to fit in with a society that doesn’t understand them and makes them feel “different”.

Two events coming up over the next few weeks aim to help both parents and children, both led by Mensa’s gifted child consultant Lyn Kendall and hosted by Mensa’s hub school, the Westwood Academy in Coventry.

26 Apr 2016


Mayuri enjoys extra-curricular activities

Plenty of interests outside school is how the parents of nine-year-old Mayuri Swaminathan are coping with their own bright spark.

Music, singing and martial arts give Mayuri something to focus on and counter some of the boredom she feels in class when set work that is too easy for her.

Her father, Janardhan, 39, advised parents to look for the “extras” a school could offer, and not just its exam results.

08 Oct 2014


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It’s that time of year when parents of 10 and 11-year-olds are faced with the million dollar question – which secondary school to choose?

It’s a difficult decision for all parents, but those with particularly bright children can find themselves agonising over what’s best.

08 Oct 2014


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