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Blast! Films are making a series for the BBC about children aged 12-14, who are eligible for free school meals and are highly academically able.

Any young person who qualifies for Mensa would most certainly qualify on the academic front!

The idea of the series is to follow these children's progress over the next three years, to see what opportunities and challenges face them.

04 Nov 2016


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A team of Mensa members will take on the "best quiz team in Britain" this evening when they appear on the BBC show Eggheads.

The Ludophiles - Paul Carr, Una Adams, David Percik, David Hudson, Ian Brown and Andy Hall - recorded the episode in snowy Glasgow back in January, but have remained tight-lipped about how they did.

The team are all fans of games and puzzles and met while competing in the annual Mensa games tournaments over several years.

20 Apr 2016


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