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70th anniversary

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Marji and Derek Sellar

Derek and Marjie Sellar at the Glasgow AG in 2014

He won’t exactly be walking 500 miles, but Mensa’s Scottish officer Derek Sellar is planning an epic journey to celebrate the society’s 70th anniversary.

30 Sep 2016


Carolyn Dean

It's a far cry from Hollywood, but stuntwoman Carolyn Dean will be returning to her roots to help the North East region celebrate Mensa's 70th anniversary.

Mensan Carolyn will be the guest speaker at the North East Wayzgoose on October 1 - Mensa's 70th anniversary.

24 Aug 2016


News image

The world’s oldest and most famous high IQ society turns 70 this year – and it seems we’re in good company.

It turns out a lot happened in 1946, quite aside from the formation of Mensa on October 1 in Oxford. For starters, the National Insurance Act of 1946 put in place the blueprint for the NHS and welfare state in Britain, while on a global scale, the formation of the United Nations and Unicef were the manifestation of a post-War desire for greater global co-operation.

10 Mar 2016


News image

To celebrate Mensa’s 70th anniversary in 2016, the society has launched two new special commemorative products.

The official Mensa tartan and a limited edition anniversary gin are both available now to mark the platinum anniversary of the world's oldest high IQ society.

Mensa was formed in Oxford on October 1, 1946 and there are now more than 100,000 members around the world, including more than 20,000 across the UK and Ireland.

02 Dec 2015


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