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Kasper Pagh Rasmussen

 Kasper Pagh Rasmussen

Money and Innovation

I am a serial inventor that likes mechanics – I have my own brand of oval chainrings (better than those used by Wiggins and Froome). I am – singlehandedly – world´s number one in wave energy, measured on both cost effectiveness and efficiency. I have made a book on the subject of reading, for which I hope to make a living the within a few years. Currently working on a unification of Intelligence and Feelings (Cognition and Emotions). Hopefully the book will be done in 2014.

The dark side of innovation

The lecture Is based on a paper I wrote in 2010, under guidance from my teacher in Economic History (Niels Holger Skou 1946-2011). The paper explained how big innovations seem to be followed by a big crisis. The lecture is furthermore supplemented by some solutions for the current crisis put forth in a later paper, printed in the Danish Mensa magazine 2013.

The lecture is split in tree main parts: A short view on economic crisis through history.

  1. An introduction classical theory on economic cycles and crisis – a very diverse and incoherent field. An introduction to the theory of primary and secondary Innovation – why big crisis arises, and how they can be avoided in the future crisis coming in approx. 2040.
  2. What can we do to foresee future crisis? How can we counteract the looming crisis in 2040? What should be done about the current crisis? Is austerity, inflation and money policy being tackled right?
  3. The lecture is Economics at it´s finest. The lecture requires no previous knowledge about Economics – besides knowing words like austerity, bonds, inflation… And everybody in the audience will leave being smarter on the worlds current economic problems than many of the world´s politicians.

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