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Justin Walker



Justin Walker

The Bradbury Pound, Globalisation and ‘The New World Order’


Justin Walker has spent the last twenty-three years researching globalisation, or what is sometimes referred to by people like the late Prime Minister Gordon Brown as ‘The New World Order’.   His main concern is that powerful corporate oligarchs are bypassing the democratic process and creating global agenda in such a way that is not transparent and which clearly lacks accountability.  He distances himself from so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’, preferring instead to rely on proven historical facts along with the common sense approach of always following the money trail and asking ‘cui bono?’. 

For the last four years Justin has been concentrating on who is behind the world’s money supply and this led him to ‘rediscovering’ eighteen months ago the very little known Bradbury Pound.  He is currently the Campaign Director (unpaid) for the British Constitution Group which is spearheading the call to restore the Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound in its centenary year.

Justin worked in the family business for twenty-four years, served as a commissioned officer for ten years in his local Yeomanry regiment (TA) and currently works for a regional newspaper.

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