Lyn Kendall (née Allcock) is Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant

A teacher, working in the field of both Special Educational Needs and Gifted and Talented Education for more than 29 years, Lyn has an interest and considerable experience working with children of high intellectual ability. She is also mother to a 'gifted' son.

Lyn has been a member of British Mensa since 1988.

Activities in the field of Gifted and Talented Education include:

  • Running a magazine for the younger members of Mensa
  • Committee member and education advisor to the Mensa Foundation for Gifted Children for several years
  • Trustee, committee member and education advisor to CHI (support group for Children of High Intelligence)
  • Running 'Gifted and Talented' summer schools and Saturday classes for Mensa, CHI and, more recently, The Westwood School
  • Advising DfEE on the formation of its Gifted and Talented policy
  • Leading in-service training courses for teachers and school inspectors
  • Advising Local Education Authorities and individual schools on issues relating to bright youngsters
  • Writing articles for newspapers and magazines
  • Numerous television and radio interviews - including Radio 4's Learning Curve, and This Morning for ITV
  • Producing leaflets and information packages for the parents of intellectually able children
  • Creating teaching materials for Gifted and Talented co-ordinators to use in schools


Lyn is willing to consider media opportunities (subject to availability due to teaching commitments) - please contact the Mensa Press Office