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Nicky Rushden

Nicky Rushden

Hi, I'm  Nicky Rushden and I have been a member for 24 years, active for 3 years and a local secretary for 2.

I took the test because I thought it would look good on my CV at the time - in my final year at Uni with underwhelming A levels after spending much of my sixth form at the pub! 

I like Mensa because it just feels right, it feels like coming home. It's an absolute joy to spend time with others on the same wavelength as me, as equals and friends. I've met so many lovely fun interesting people that I never would have met otherwise in my life as a mum/accountant, and my life is so much the richer for it. 

And finally .... go for it! There are so many great people to meet and such a variety of things to do. Everyone's really welcoming and it's not academic/intellectual/stuffy/competitive, just deeply satisfying and as much fun as you want it to be. Hope to see you soon!