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Aimee Kwan

Aimee Kwan

My name is Aimee Kwan and I have been a member since 2006.

I took the test because I was requested to determine on television what my IQ was by the producer of the Channel 4’s Child Genius Series, in which I was one of the featured children. It was a very daunting experience as a young child to do the test and then to face the camera to hear its verdict, knowing that millions of viewers would be seeing it on primetime television.

I like Mensa because it brings together people who might feel like they don’t belong or just need other people to talk to; it spans ages and cultures where we all can find people who have the same interests as us. As a member of the Shadow Board of Mensa, I hope I can spread this further, especially amongst our younger members.

An IQ score is merely an indicator of intelligence and does not reveal the creativity or individuality behind the number; it takes way more than a high IQ to create success. I’d encourage anyone to take the plunge to find out what theirs is – for some people it might be a great morale booster and be the encouragement that tells them they can achieve amazing things if they work hard!




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